Company profile

Mechwat technologies group is leading manufacturer & service provider of high purity water generation, storage & distribution system, water softening & water filtration system, cip/sip systems, ss valves, ss utility pendants, ss tanks, vessels & silos, ss filter holders & filter housings, system for core processes, utility & process piping system, bulk material handling system, sewage water treatment plant, effluent water treatment plant, bio-toilet, biogas technology, industrial & domestic filtration system, and complete solution in environment sector. company profile includes turnkey base execution/consultancy work. company’s product-technology & services mainly concerned with the pharmaceutical sector, biotech industry, power industries, environment sector, cleaner industry, information technology, textile, cosmetics, health care, food & beverages, process development & manufacturing sciences. we serve our technology & product services in India, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, USA and Canada.


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