Biotoilet : School CSR Project of Mahindra Lifespaces Jaipur

As a part of CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] Project, Mahindra World City Jaipur  Limited [ Mahindra Lifespaces] is focused on creating a positive social and environment impact by leveraging its resources and expertise in CSR thrust project like : BioToilet to Rural Area School. To Promote the preventive health care and improving sanitation at school and to create awareness on health and sanitation among students in rural areas. Mahindra Lifespaces has installed the Biotoilet in various school of  Jaipur District, Rajasthan  State.

School List of Biotoilet Installed Project under CSR Activity of Mahindra Lifespaces are as:





Introduction of BioToilet :

Bio-Toilets are a super structure of toilet with anaerobic biodegradation of organic waste by unique microbial consortium and works at a wide temperature range.Organic solid waste convert to Gases Like Methane, Carbon Dioxide,  and Digested Organic Nutrient  Contain Residual Water which will be further utilize for agriculture  propose or else treated further for Secondary treatment known as Reed Bed System.


Main Objective of Biotoilet Application for Human Waste Management Are :

  • No Energy Dependence.
  • Eliminate The Maintenance of Soak Pit Work & Discharge of Sewage Waste.
  • Prevent The Soil Erosion and Increase The Ground Water Stability by Eliminating  The Sulphate Gases Generation and Water Utilization For  Gardening /Irrigation.
  • To Promote The Organic Technology For Waste Utilizaion.

Salient Future of BioToilet : 

  • Disposes human waste in a 100% eco-friendly manner. 
  • Continuous biological process which leads to maintenance free of sewage treatment process.
  • Does not require any septic or sewage collection facility.
  • Existing septic tank can be replaceby bio-digester in existing public & domestic toilets
  • Routine chemical does not harm the system.
  • Independent on the limited and costly conventional energy resources.

Bio-Culture Configuration :
Bio-culture additives are Feeding micro-organisms(e.g. bacteria) and macro-organisms(e.g. plants & animals). Its extract of Ascophyllum nodosum which one of the most nutrient rich vegetables on the planet containing life sustaining elements like organic iodine and organic germanium plus complex compounds like oligo sachharides and poly uronica acids-in additional full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements at levels way above those of any land plants.


  1. Bio-Availability : Nutrients additives are chelated, colloidal, optimally balanced and easily absorbed.
  2. Bio-Activity : These additives are natural and superior bacterial culture media, restoring microbiological life too organism and eco-systems. When bacterial culture is exposed to nutrients, bacteria begin to free feed & thrive , producing a host of enzymes which then continue feeding and speeding biological processes. This bacterial enzyme activity supports and protects life in complex and profound ways. Bio-Culture works with naturally occurring , conventional organisms, aerobic and anaerobic. These additives are true pro-biotics, dramatically improving digestion efficiencies and decomposition rates through the entire digestion/decomposition process – completing these processes while eliminating odours with biological ion exchange capacity.
  3. Protecting organisms – Naturally occurring alginates + trace elements protect organisms from environmental toxin-including protecting the health of the sensitive, beneficial families of bacterial with living systems. Ascopyllum nodosum is proven to sequester heavy metals without further processing or release. Our product actually blocks heavy metals in soils and waste product preventing assimilation plants and animals.

Detailed Description of Bio Toilet Manufacturing Model  are as :

Product Code : Mechwat -19021 : Portable Toilet
S.No. Features Detail
1 Size [ L x W x H] in mm Outer : [  1950 x 1500 x 3100] in mm
Inner : [ 1150 mm x 1150 mm x 2000 ] in mm
2 Construction of Material Steel : Load Bearing Member : IS  4923  or Equivalent
Side End Walls : MS : IS 1079  or  IS 513 or Equivalent
Roof : IS 1079 or IS 513 or Equivalent
Floor : IS 6307 or Equivalent
Water Storage Tank :  IS 12701 or Equivalent
Sanitaryware : IS 2556 or Equivalent
    Bio DigesterTank : IS 14399 or Equivalent
Paint : IS 14209 or Equivalent
3 Welding The shell of the structural cabin is of all weld construction. All the external welding will be continuous uniform and full of penetration.
4 Structure Frame Structure Frame Made from  MS Square Pipe  50 mm x 50 mm x 3mm Equivalent to IS 14209 or Equivalent. The main load bearing  member such as per posts, base, members, bottom side rail, top side rail & header are press formed profile of appropriate  geometry.
5 Shell The Outer Shell of Structural Bio Toilet cabin manufactured with 1.2 mm CR Steel Sheet Equivalent to IS 1079  or IS 513 or Equivalent.
6 Side and End Walls External walls are vertically corrugated 1.2 mm thick ms steel sheet equivalent to IS 1079 or IS 513 or Equivalent. The Corrugated panel are continuously butt welded to form entire side wall and the assembled side wall is continuously welded to the peripheral frame members. The side and end walls will also provide cut outs for windows /doors. All the cut out after fixing the equivalent will be weather tight and proper channeling will be provided for the window opening.
7 Roof [Self Draing Type] The roof of the shell will be manufactured from 1.2 mm plain MS Sheet .
8 Flooring System 12 mm pvc sheet laid on top and secured by self tapping screw  to the base members. 1 mm thick PVC vinyl paper will be fixed on 12 mm pvc sheet.
9 Inner Paneling The interiors would be aesthetically finished so as to give a pleasing appearance with high quality workmanship. All joints as well as vertical and horizontal corners shall be neat and smoothly finished. The inside panel of sides, end walls & roof will consist of 4 mm ACP sheet. Joints will be covered with silicone sealant. False ceiling with 4 mm ACP sheet will be provided
10 Insulation Structural cabin will be insulation on sides, end walls with 50 mm thick glass  wool and roof  with 75 mm thick glass wool.
11 Portable Stair with Platforms Portable stair with platform made from MS Square pipe 50 mm x 50 mm x 3 mm equivalent to IS 4924 or equivalent with following the construction site safety  rule equivalent to 7293
12 Electricals All wiring shall be concealed type inside the paneling and shall be of PVC insulated copper wire of ISI quality in PVC/Reinforced Steel Flexible Tubing/Conduits of ISI grade. Scope of electricals  included the fittings  of 250 mm exhaust ventilator, LED Bulb, and Switch Board.
13 Plumbing and sanitary fittings All the water line piping and connection are UPVC schedule-40 / CPVC -SDR-11. Drain line and connection are PVC schedule -40. All WC and Urinal are in ceramic material from cera/sanitation/equivalent make. All the plumbing and sanitary material fittings  are equivalent to IS 1172 or Equivalent.
14 Painting Paint are equivalent to IS 14209 or equivalent to Primer Coat: Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Intermediate Coat : Epoxy Polyamide 60 microns. Top Coat : Chlorinated rubber paint 50 microns / bituminous paint.
15 Water Storage Client Scope.
16 Sewage  Collection Biodigester having capacity of 1500 Liter/750 Liter which is IS 12701 or Equivalent
17 Accessories of Sanitary & Hardware [Western WC Block] WC: Western-Ceramic : 1 Nos : Make -CERA
Cistern &  Seat Cover : 1 Set
Health Faucet : CP: 1 Nos
Two way Bibcock :CP : 1Nos
Angle Cock : CP : 3 Nos
Pillar Cock : CP: 1 Nos
Wash Basin : Ceramic : 1 Nos
Urinal : Ceramic : 1 Nos
Door Lock : CP :1Nos
Mirror Cabin : 1 Nos
18 Accessories of Sanitary & Hardware [Indian WC Block] WC – Indian -SS304-Blue Star Make
Cistern : 1 Set
Bib Cock : CP : 1 Nos
Bin with Chain: SS- 1 nos