Clean Room Utility Pendant for Dishman Group

Mechwat Technologies Pvt Ltd. are Clean Room Utility Pendant manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We had designed, manufactured and supplied Clean Room Utility Pendant At- Bavla Plant, Ahmedabad, India to Dishman Carbogen Amcis Limited for DTA Site.

We are also engaged with various industries for providing solution for utility process piping. (i.e. Stainless steel PW Loop Piping, WFI Loop Piping, Pure steam piping, Compressed Air Piping, Etc.)


Title: Stainless Steel Clean Room Utility Pendant

Category: High purity stainless steel processing equipment

Design code: cGMP

Description of SS Clean Room Utility Pendant: SS304 Vertical Oriented Conduit Type Pendant- 450mm Dia. X 1300mm Long.

Type of Pendant: Heavy Duty SS304 Utility Pendant

Capacity: NA

M.O.C. of Stainless Steel Utility Pendant: AISI 304 Mother Pipe (MECHWAT manufacturing various type Pendants for example AISI 304, AISI 316)

Surface Finish of Stainless Steel Pendant: Internally mirror polished and externally mirror polished (But MECHWAT Providing customized surface finishing facility like Matt Finish, Mirror Finish, Brush Finish, 2B Finish, Powder Coating and etc.)

Insulation Type: Provided PUF & Rockwool for Cold & Hot Utility

Cladding Type: NA (Client Scope- Optional 1) Aluminium 24 G Thickness 2) SS304 1.6 G Thickness.

Nozzles / Connections:

  • Purified Water Loop Connection- 1.5” OD x 16Swg. (MOC- SS316L, Inside EP)
  • Compressed Air Connection- ½” NB x Sch. 10 (MOC-SS316)
  • Soft Water Connection- ½” NB x Sch. 10 (MOC-SS316)
  • Nitrogen Connection- ¼” NB x Sch. 10 (MOC-SS316)
  • Chilled Water Supply & Return Connection- 1.5” NB x Sch. 10 (MOC-SS304)
  • Steam Line Connection- 1.5” NB x Sch. 10 (MOC-SS304)
  • Spare Connection- 1.5” OD x 16Swg. (MOC-SS316)
  • Hot Water Supply & Return Connection- 1.5” OD x 16Swg. (MOC-SS304)

Mounting Stand Support: Made from SS304 Heavy Duty Clits

Lifting Lugs / Hooks: NA

Covering Plate Ring: Provided Round of 50mm Offset for sealing appearance

Typical Drawing:

Clean Room Utility Pendant