Bio Toilet

MECHWAT are leading  manufacturers, suppliers and exporter of  Bio Toilet.  Portable Bio toilet / Biodigester technology treats human waste at the source. A collection of anaerobic bacteria that has been adapted to work at a temperature as low as -5 C and as high as 50 C act as inocula to the bio-digesters and convert the organic human waste into water, methane and carbon dioxide. The anaerobic process inactivates the pathogens responsible for water-borne diseases and treats the fecal matter without the use of an external energy source.

The only by-product of the waste treatment process is pathogen-free water, which is good for gardening and biogas, which can be used for cooking. Bio toilet does not require sewage connectivity.

What is a Bio Toilet? how does a BioToilet Work?

BioToilet is an assemble unit of  toilet super structure with BioDigester Process Unit for complete decomposition of human sewage waste into gases and digested nutrient rich liquid fertilizer residual. Bio Toilet Mechanism is followed by Anaerobic and Aerobic Operation.

Anaerobic Bio-Digestion Process is more popular than Bio Aerobic Bio-Digestion Process due to zero consumption of power and zero discharge of sludge.

Anaerobic BioDigester Process Unit.

Anaerobic biodgester process contain different groups of bacteria. These groups work in sequence, with the products of one  group serving as substrates of another group. Therefore, each group is linked to other groups in chainlike fashion, with the weakest links being acetate production and methane production.

STAGE 1- Hydrolysis Stage

In Anaerobic Digester Unit, Insoluble solid sewage waste undergo  hydrolysis. human sewage waste consist of  Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. These waste are polymeric substances, that is large insoluble molecules consisting of many small molecules joined together by unique chemical bonds.  The Small molecules are solubles are quickly go into solution once the chemical bonds are broken. Hydrolytic bacteria or facultative anaerobes and anaerobes that are capable of performing hydrolysis achieve  breakage of  these unique bonds. Hydrolysis is the splitting of a compound with water.

STAGE II – Acid -Forming Stage

In the acid forming stage, soluble compunds produced through hydrolysis or discharged to the digester are degraded by a large diversity of facultative anaerobes and anaerobes through many fermentative process. The degradation of these compound results in the production of carbon dioxide, hydrogen gas , alcoholes, organic acids, some organic nitrogen compound  and some organic sulfur compound.
Acetate is the principal organic acid or volatile acid used as a substrate by methane forming bacteria. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen can be converted directly to acetate or methane. the presence of organic nitrogen compound and organic sulphur compound is due to the degradation of amino acids and proteins. The conversion of large soluble organic compunds to small soulable organic compounds results in little change in the organic strength of compounds. some of the organic compounds are converted to organic acid and alcoholes and some are converted to new bacterial cells. it is only in methane formation or the methanogenic stage that degradable organics are removed as methane and carbon dioxide.

STAGE III – Methanogenesis Stage

In the methanogenesis stage, methane is formed mostly from acetate and carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas. All other fermentative product must be converted to compound that can be used directly or indirectly by methane forming bacteria.

Application of  BioToilet Treated Sewage Water

BioToilet Treated Sewage Water is utilize for irrigation propose and nutrient rich liquid fertilize composition.

Advantages of BioToilet in Sanitation Sector

  • Maintenance free technology
  • Zero discharge of sludge
  • Self re-generation of Anaerobic bacterial by poymers.
  • Reduce maintenance issue of drainage soaking.
  • Free from septic tank construction work.
  • will help to recharge the ground water level up through utilization of water for gardening and irrigation

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