Restroom Toilet Container

Mechwat is a leading brand in the sanitation product development, manufacturing, and service supply chain. Mechwat is the manufacturer of Restroom Toilet Container, Washroom, and Portable Toilet Container Pods in a wide variety of ranges. Restroom Toilet Container Manufactured by LGSF Technology, Flatpack System, Insulated Sandwich Puff Panel, Conventional steel wooden fabrication process. Restroom Toilet Container is available in Portable, Flatpack, Mobile Type, Prefab, and fixed on the precast civil foundation. Restroom Toilet Container Best suited for Municipality, Community palace, Site Project, Road Project, Mining Industry, Sanitation in a remote location, Power Project, Railway, Airport, Bus Station, School, College, University, Corporate Office – Factory, Labour Colony, Staff Quarter, etc. Restroom Toilet Container is available in a wide variety of ranges depending on the type of application and location. Restroom Toilet Container has a separate entry for male, female and also restroom accessible to physically disabled people.

Sr. No.FeatureDetail
1Size200 Sq.ft
2Construction of MaterialSteel: Load Bearing Member: IS 4923 or Equivalent
Side End Walls: MS: IS 1079 or IS 513 or Equivalent
Roof: IS 1079 or IS 513 or Equivalent
Floor: IS 6307 or Equivalent
Water Storage Tank: IS 12701 or Equivalent
Sanitaryware: IS 2556 or Equivalent
Sewage Collection Tank: IS 14399 or Equivalent
Paint: IS 14209 or Equivalent
3WeldingThe shell of the structural cabin is of all weld construction. All the external welding will be continuously uniform and full of penetration.
4ShellThe outer shell of the structural cabin will be manufactured with an M. S. sheet equivalent to IS 1079 or IS 513 or Equivalent. The main load-bearing member such as posts, base, members, bottom side rail, top side rail & header is press-formed profiles of appropriate geometry.
5Side and End WallsExternal walls are vertically corrugated 1.6 mm thick ms steel sheet equivalent to IS 1079 or IS 513 or Equivalent. The Corrugated Panel is continuously butt-welded to form the entire sidewall and the assembled side wall is continuously welded to the peripheral frame members. The side and end walls will also provide cutouts for windows /doors. All the cut out after fixing the equivalent will be weathertight and proper channeling will be provided for the window opening.
6Roof [self-draining type]The roof of the shell will be manufactured from a 1.6 mm plain MS Sheet.
7Surface PretreatmentThe dust and dirt are removed by blowing dry and clean oil-free compressed air
8PaintingPrimer Coat: Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer
Intermediate Coat: Epoxy Polyamide 60 microns.
Top Coat: Chlorinated rubber paint 50 microns / bituminous paint
9Flooring Systems18 mm thick cement-bonded sheet will be laid on top and secured by self-tapping screws to the base members. Vitrified tiles/Aluminum Chequered Plate/Vinyl Flooring will be fixed on a cement sheet.
10InsulationStructural cabins will be insulated on sides, end walls with 50 mm thick glass wool, and the roof with 75 mm thick glass wool.
11Inner PanelingThe interiors would be aesthetically finished so as to give a pleasing appearance with high-quality workmanship. All joints as well as vertical and horizontal corners shall be neat and smoothly finished. The inside panel of sides, end walls & roof will consist of a 4.0 mm thick Bakelite Sheet/ Aluminum Composite Panel. Joints will be covered with anodized aluminum strips. False ceiling with approved ceiling sheet will be provided.
12ElectricalAll wiring shall be concealed type inside the paneling and shall be of PVC insulated copper wire of ISI quality in PVC/Reinforced Steel Flexible Tubing/Conduits of ISI grade.

All the electrical fittings come with standard make such as Switches, Sockets, Fan, LED Lights, etc. Provision of Electronic items such as Display, AC, Geyser and other electrical item provided
13Windows & VentilatorWindow & Ventilator would be of Standard Size with all the necessary Accessories
14Plumbing & Toilet FixturesIn the washroom, the container comes complete with all internal pipelines of CPVC or UPVC Along with Toilet fixtures Such as WC, Washbasin, Faucet, wheelchair, disabled WC, bath stand, grab bar, dispenser, Urinal, etc.
15Water StorageProvision of the overhead tank provided on the restroom toilet container
16Sewage CollectionProvision of Sewage Collection /Drainage Line Provided. Septic tank/Biodigestert tank is available at extra cost.
17Stair/PlatformPortable stair with the platform provided if required which is equivalent to IS 4924 or equivalent with following the construction site safety rule equivalent to 7293
18Weather ProofingAll the joints and sections weatherproofed by watertight silicone sealant and Rubber
Restroom Toilet Container Specification