SS Rectangular Tank: NATIS- Govt. of India (NVH LAB, ICAT-Manesar)

Customize Solution Provider of SS Rectangular Tank and other shape of SS Tanks. 

We had designed, manufactured and supplied Stainless Steel Rectangular Water Storage Tank At Manesar, Gurgaon, India to INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY (A Division of NATIS- Govt. of India) for NVH Lab.

We are also engaged with various industries for providing solution for storage of liquid gases and solids (Water, Syrup, Oil, Sugar, Powder, been and etc.)





Title: SS Rectangular Water Storage Tank

Category: High purity stainless steel processing equipment

Description of SS Water Storage Tank: SS304 Rectangular Oriented Heavy Duty Buffer Water Storage Tank-5000L Capacity with Insulation.

Type of Tank: Heavy Duty SS Rectangular Water Storage Tank

Capacity: 5.0KL Stainless Steel Water Tank. (MECHWAT is also manufacturing vide range of Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks from 100 to 50,000 Liters.

M.O.C. of Stainless Steel Tank: AISI 304 (MECHWAT manufacturing various type Tanks for example AISI 304, AISI 316)

Wall thickness of SS Rectangular Tank: 5.0mm (MECHWAT Also dealing in various thickness as per clients requirement and design suitability)

Surface Finish of Stainless Steel Tank: Internally mirror polished and externally insulated (But MECHWAT Providing customized surface finishing facility like Matt Finish, Mirror Finish, Brush Finish, 2B Finish, Powder Coating and etc.)

Insulation Type: Nitrile Class “O” Insulation 25mm Thickness

Cladding Type: Aluminium 24 G Thick.

Nozzles / Connections:

  • Manhole: 450 x 450mm Flange End with lead and handle
  • Inlet Nozzle- 50mm Flange End #150 Class
  • Outlet Nozzle- 50mm Flange End #150 Class
  • Drain Connection: 65mm Flange End #150 Class
  • Level Indicator connections: 25mm-Sch.10 BSP End x 2Nos.
  • Extra Connection: NA

Mounting Stand Support: Made from Mild steel with painted.

Lifting Lugs / Hooks: 150 x 60mm x 12mm Thickness of 4 Nos. Heavy grade which can lift the tank