Stainless Steel Hot Water Storage Tank

MECHWAT Stainless Steel Hot Water Storage Tank: An AISI 316 Horizontal oriented Hot Water Mixing Tank-3000 Litre Capacity with Automatic Level Transmitter, Temperature Controller and other accessories.

Manufactured (supplied) and successfully installed by MECHWAT TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. At ADANI PORTS AND SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE LTD. For accurate mixing of hot and cold water for their kitchen facility.

Type of Stainless Steel Tank: Automatic.

(MECHWAT Stainless Steel Hot Water Mixing Tank is equipped with automatic Level indicator as well as Temperature controller)

Capacity of Stainless Tank: MECHWAT Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank-3000 Litre. Supplied to ADANI GROUP (MECHWAT is manufacturing vide range of Stainless Steel Tanks from 100-50,000 Litre.

M.O.C. of Stainless Steel Tank: AISI 316 (MECHWAT manufacturing various types stainless steel Tanks: i.e. AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L As well as other as per client requirement)

Surface Finish of Stainless Steel Tank: Internally Electro polished and Externally high temp Silver painted.

(MECHWAT Providing customized surface finishing facility like Matt Finish, Mirror Finish, Brush Finish, 2B Finish, as well as Powder Coating and etc.)

Insulation On Tank: Insulated with 75mm Rockwool.

Cladding On Tank: Cladded with 24G Aluminium sheet.


MECHWAT TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. is engaged with various industries for providing customized solution for storage and distribution of liquid gases and solids (i.e. Water, Syrup, Oil, Sugar, Powder, been as well as vapor)

hot water storage tank

Hot water storage tank