Vermi Compost Preparation

Process of vermi compost are as :

Selection of Waste Material for Composting  :

Carbon-nitrogen balance is basic factor of  efficiency for vermi composting.  Carbon rich material like saw dust, ash or  husk  will be mix with nitrogen rich material like Cow dung, urine, sewage waste.

Aerobic Degradation :

The organic waste initially degraded in an aerobic environment for two to four weeks to ensure that the waste can be consumed easily by the worms. In order to improve aeration,  hollow materials with air pockets, such as small pieces of pipes can be also added. The challenge is to allow the temperature to increase due to biological degradation, while keeping the waste well aerated in order to ensure that the temperature does not rise once the waste is placed in the worm bed.

Vermi Composting Bed :

After two to four week of aerobic decomposition, the waste will be placed in vermi tanks having a dimension of [4 ft. x 4 ft x 8ft.]. The beds have a layer of coconut husk and cow dung or other organic waste with drainage facility. Worms of species Eisenia foetida will be released to top of waste. Approximately 15 kg of worms is required for each of vermi bed.

Vermi composting is done for 30 to 40 days. During this time the waste is regularly monitored to ensure that the temperature does not go up, the moisture content is about 50 percent and the worms are healthy.


After 30 to 40 days, the vermi compost is harvested manually and the harvested compost is stored for about two weeks for worms stabilization. At the end of this period the worms in the compost is again separated and the worms are placed back in vermi beds.


The compost is screened manually using inclined screens with mesh size of 8 mm and 4 mm.

Quality Control

To ensure the quality of  prepared compost can test in a lab to determine the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic content.  This will provide suggestions for improving the quality of compost.

Field Utilization

Prepared compost utilize for gardening and agriculture application.