CIP System Manufacturer And Exporter

Mechwat Technologies Pvt Ltd. are CIP System manufacturer and Exporter as well as supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We are CIP System manufacturer, (Clean-In-Place) CIP System manufacturer, CIP Systems, Clean-In-Place Plants, Clean-In-Place Unit supplier, exporter and also SIP/CIP System manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

Designed, manufactured and supplied System At- Mombasa, Nairobi, Kenya for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant of Client.

We are also engaged with various industries like Pharmaceutical CIP System, Biotechnology, Beverage CIP Unit, Food, Dairy CIP Plant for providing solution for Cleaning and Sterilization of machinery & equipments. (i.e. Pharmaceutical Blending Line, Pharmaceutical Packing Line, Pharmaceutical Process Piping, Dairy Machinery as well as Beverage machinery)

MECHWAT also providing customize CIP System, Clean In Place System, CIP Plants, Sterilization In Place System, SIP System for pharmaceutical, food and dairy processing industries.



Title: Stainless Steel CIP System

Category: High purity stainless steel cleaning equipment

Design code: cGMP

Description of CIP System:  SS316L, Skid Mounted Mobile CIP Unit, Vertical Oriented Steam Jacket Type CIP Tank.

Type of Tank: Pharmaceutical Grade SS316L Jacketed Tank

Working Capacity: 200Ltr. (Gross: 250Ltr.)

Working Media: Purified Hot Water

Working Pressure of system: 4.0Kg/Cm2


Type of Skid: Wheel Mounted Mobile CIP Plant

Technical Details of CIP Pump: SS316 Horizontal Multistage Pump / Sanitary CIP Pump / SS316 CIP Pump.

Technical Details of Online Filter: Code-7 Type, 0.2Micron Cartridge Filter made by food grade virgin PTFE Material.

Spray Ball Technical Data: SS316L Spray Ball Valve, Internally Electro-polished, 360 Degree Rotating Type.

Type of Valves used: SS316L Diaphragm Valves / Sanitary Diaphragm Valves, PTFE Backed By EPDM Seal.

M.O.C. of Stainless Steel CIP Tank: AISI 316L Contact Parts and AISI 304 Non-contact parts. (MECHWAT manufacturing various type Tanks, Vessels and Silos for example AISI 304, AISI 316)

Surface Finish of Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank: Internally electro-polished <0.4 Ra. and externally matt polished (But MECHWAT Providing customized surface finishing facility like Matt Finish, Mirror Finish, Brush Finish, 2B Finish, Powder Coating and etc.)

System Automation Type: Relay Based Automatic Control Panel (We are also providing PLC Based Automatic CIP Unit)

Drive of CIP Pump: Direct Drive (MECHWAT Also providing VFD Based drive control for CIP Pump for varied flow of solution)

Nozzles / Connections of CIP Tank:

  • Man Hole Connection- Top Open Able, Flange End (MOC- SS316L)
  • Purified Water Inlet Connection- 1.5” OD, TC End
  • Product Outlet Connection- 1.5” OD, Tri-Clover End
  • Light Glass- 75NB x 150Class, Flange End
  • Sight Glass- 75NB x 150Class, Flange End
  • Spray Ball Connection- 1.5” OD, Tri-Clover End
  • Vent Filter Connection- 1.5” OD, Tri-Clover End
  • Spare Connection- 1.5” OD, Tri-Clover End
  • Sample Valve Connection- 25mm OD x 16Swg.,TC End

Mounting Skid / Stand Support: Made from SS304 Heavy Duty Pipe.

Lifting Lugs / Hooks: 3Nos. Lifting Lugs.

Mobile Wheel: Food Grad Wheel SS304

Types of Clean-In-Place Circuit Available: Single Circuit CIP / Double Circuit CIP as well as customize as per client’s requirement.

Salient Features of MECHWAT CIP System:

  1. Design as per cGMP Standard / Sanitary Design
  2. All contact parts made by SS316L Material and inside mirror finished <0.4Ra.
  3. 100% Drain ability
  4. Document support: DQ , IQ, OQ & FAT
  5. On site erection and commissioning support as well as online automation support

PW System Installation: Pharmaceutical Purified Water System Installation