Pharmaceutical Purified Water System Installation

Mechwat Are Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Purified Water System in India.


We had Installed Pharmaceutical Purified Water System At- Sarthi Pharma, India.

Plant Type: Beta Lactam Manufacturing Facility (WHO- cGMP).


Pharmaceutical Purified Water system

                                                                       Pharmaceutical Purified Water system- Installation View


We are also providing customize water treatment plants for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Food-Beverages, Dairy, Chemical as well as Textile Industries.

(i.e. Raw water Pre-treatment plant, Soft water treatment Plant, RO Water Treatment Plant, Pre & Post Ultra-filtration plant, DM Plant as well as Electro-deionization plant).

We are also engaged with various industrial water applications. (i.e. Soft Water, Ultra filtered water, RO Water, DM Water, PW Water and also WFI Water Etc.).




Title: RO-UF-EDI System


Category: Hot Water Sanitizable Purified Water system (Pharmaceutical Water System)


Design code: WHO- cGMP, USP


Type of Purified Water System: PLC Based Fully Automated with HMI Interface


Sanitation Method of System: Hot Water CIP System


Capacity: 250 LPH Generation & 4000 LPH Distribution Loop.


M.O.C. of Purified Water System: AISI 316 (MECHWAT manufacturing various type Purified Water Generation, Storage & Distribution System for example AISI 304, AISI 316 as well as FRP)


Surface Finish of Contact Parts Components Like Stainless Steel Tank, Tubes, Valves & Fittings: Internally Electro-polished and externally matt/mirror polished.


Considered Raw Water Analysis:

  • pH: 7.4
  • Total Dissolved solid: 1248 mg/l
  • Total Hardness: 313.6 mg/l
  • Turbidity: 2 NTU
  • Silica: 8.5 mg/l
  • Electric Conductivity: 1.83 ms/Cm2
  • Iron: 0.4 mg/l
  • SDI: 3.29


Designed Outlet Water Quality Parameter of System:

  • Conductivity: 1.2 µs/cm
  • pH: 5-7
  • Total bacterial count: Less than 100 cfu/ml
  • Total fungal count: Not more than 10 cfu/ml
  • Color: Colorless
  • Odor: Odorless


Water Purification Stage’s of Pharmaceutical Purified Water System:

  • Multi Grade Filter & Activated Carbon Filter
  • Softener
  • Ultra-filtration stage
  • Reverse Osmosis Stage-1
  • Reverse Osmosis Stage-2
  • EDI (Electro-Deionization)
  • UV Stage
Purified Water System

P & ID


Chemical Dosing Systems of Pharmaceutical Water Generation System:

  • Chlorination Dosing system
  • De-Chlorination Dosing System
  • CEB Dosing System
  • Anti-scalant Dosing System as well as pH Dosing System


Water Storage & Distribution Stage’s of Purified Water System:

  • Final Purified Water Storage
  • Purified Water Pumping Stage
  • UV Dosing Stage
  • Point of Use Stage
  • Return Loop Quality Checking Stage
  • Return Storage / Spray in Tank Stage


User Point of Purified Water in Plant:

  • Granulation-3 (GF-071)
  • Blending-1 (GF-023)
  • Dispensing Wash (G-019)
  • Granulation-2 (G-015)
  • Granulation-1 (G-018)
  • Granulation-2 (G-015)
  • Compression IPQC (G-029)
  • Coating-2 (G-041)
  • Solution Preparation (G-042)
  • Service area (F-022)
  • Coating-1 (G-044)
  • Coating Wash (G-046)
  • Compression Blending (G-049)
  • Wash (G-054)
  • Micro Lab (F-016)
  • Instrumentation Lab (F-010) as well as in Chemical Lab (F-007)

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