Compost Machine

Compost machine is assemble unit for mechanical, chemical and biological composting  operation. Large residual converted into powder form of organic waste by mechanical shredding operation to increase the biologically degradation rate of organic waste. In Agitatation Operation, Shredded organic waste homogenate with biologically active compost for degradation of waste into nutrient enrich fertilizer. Composted organic residual utilize as a fertilizer in a farm.

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Main Objective :

  • To convert the organic waste into compost.
  • To optimize the time duration and efficiency of natural composting process.
  • To maintain the hygiene of food zone like canteen, cafe, hotel, hostels.

Process Operation :

Process operation of compost machine

Compost Machine Components :


Machine Operation :

compost machine operation

Procees to operator should follow :

Operator steps for compost machine operation

Benefits :

compost benefits

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